Citizen Bitcoin

Citizen Bitcoin

We are dedicated to being sovereign citizens of bitcoin. We're podcasting our journey learning bitcoin hoping it makes yours a bit easier.

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    20th Episode Retrospective and HASH WARS!

    Tommy and Brady take a look at what we've learned since we started this podcast in January at the beginning of this down cycle and talk about the Bitcoin Cash hardfork drama, which was unfolding as we recorded.

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    Stablecoins, Institutional Custody, DeOS

    Tommy and Brady discuss the blockchainer/altcoiner topic dujour, stablecoins, take a look at institutional moves from Fidelity, Baakt and Coinbase and Andrew Desantis' ambitious project DeOS, which began mining last night.

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    Full Nodes, Jimmy vs. Roger, Winklevoss Stablecoin and The Final Boss of Bitcoin

    Tommy and Brady discuss an assortment of recent happenings in bitcoin including bitcoin scaling (a 2.26 MB block and Lightning Network's astonishing growth), the "blockchain cruise" debate between Jimmy Song and Roger Ver, the Winklevoss stablecoin and The Final Boss of Bitcoin (aka The Bank for International Settlements).

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    Why Bitcoin is Different and What's Up with Bitmain?

    Altcoin prices tumble as bitcoin price holds strong at the 6,000 USD per BTC and the 100 billion USD market cap level. Bitmain Pre-IPO documents paint a picture of trouble for the mightiest bitcoin mining company.

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    ETFs, Futures and LNRR

    Tommy and Brady dive into the financial side of bitcoin, taking a look at recent ETF proposal activity, the role of futures in bitcoin and the Lightning Network Reference Rate idea proposed by Nik Bhatia.

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    Bitcoin Marches On: Schnorr, BetterHash, Personal Safety

    Tommy and Brady take a minute to appreciate all the bitcoin progress made during this down cycle in the price. Bitcoin just keeps marching on with improvement proposals like Schnorr signatures and BetterHash. Personal safety as a bitcoin hodler is also discussed.

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    EOS, Bcash, Lightning and Satoshis.Place

    Tommy and Brady discuss the EOS mainnet failure and it's basically centralized structure; we share research that shows that 10 times more BCH coins are hodled than spent, whereas the ratio of hodled bitcoin versus spending bitcoin is 1:1; and we take a look at Satoshis.Place and why it is, yes, silly, but also important.

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