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Citizen Bitcoin

We are dedicated to being sovereign citizens of bitcoin. We're podcasting our journey learning bitcoin hoping it makes yours a bit easier.

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    Peter McCormack: Building What Bitcoin Did

    Peter McCormack’s work on What Bitcoin Did has just straight up inspired me to keep pushing forward on this podcast. I really just wanted to sit down and get to know him better. We get into Peter’s history growing up in Bedford, England, discovering the internet and creating websites and brands. We talk about building What Bitcoin Did, Peter’s podcasting process, a bit of English football and his hopes and dreams of becoming the King of Bedford, England and buying the Bedford Town Football Club. It was a ton of fun and I hope you all enjoy this chat as well.

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    Ansel Lindner: Bitcoin History, Maximalism, Ethics and Renaissance

    Ansel Lindner has been one of the most important people in my bitcoin journey, his Bitcoin and Markets podcast was the first staple of my bitcoin podcast rotation. In this long, ranging, late night discussion with Ansel we get into his bitcoin history, discuss Bcash, Ethereum and the bitcoiners who lead those communities. We discuss why bitcoin is different and what bitcoin maximalism means. We talk Austrian economics and the ethics of money production. Toward the end we get cosmic, discussing how bitcoin affects the human spirit and the coming bitcoin-fueled human renaissance. Discussions like these are what I’m here for and why I’m a dedicated bitcoiner.

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    Hodlonaut: #LNTrustChain, Lightning Network and Small Blocks

    In the first Citizen Bitcoin interview episode, long time bitcoiner and creator of the #LNTrustChain, Hodlonaut, joins Brady for a discussion about the lightning torch, his experience discovering and learning bitcoin, the recent discussion about small blocks and much more.

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    BONUS: Brady Talks Bitcoin on the PayPod Podcast

    Brady joined Scott Hawkins, host of PayPod, a podcast for the payments industry, to talk about bitcoin. It was originally published on Dec 31, 2018. This episode has some crossover with our Bitcoin Turns Ten episode but is still worth a listen. Watch out for a new ep with me and Tommy dropping later today!

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    Bitcoin Turns Ten

    Tommy and Brady are back in action for bitcoin's tenth birthday. We take a look back at the birth of bitcoin and its first ten years of life and speculate on challenges and potential developments for the next ten.

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    20th Episode Retrospective and HASH WARS!

    Tommy and Brady take a look at what we've learned since we started this podcast in January at the beginning of this down cycle and talk about the Bitcoin Cash hardfork drama, which was unfolding as we recorded.

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    Stablecoins, Institutional Custody, DeOS

    Tommy and Brady discuss the blockchainer/altcoiner topic dujour, stablecoins, take a look at institutional moves from Fidelity, Baakt and Coinbase and Andrew Desantis' ambitious project DeOS, which began mining last night.

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